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Epicurean Cutting Boards

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Looking for a sturdy cutting board that is not hard on your knives AND is made in the USA?  Well look no further, Epicurean is the brand you need in your life.  Epicurean cutting boards are Dishwasher Safe, Knife Friendly, Heat Resistant, and made in Duluth, Minnesota.

**For full disclosure, much of this blog entry is directly from Epicurean's comprehensive website. I am just compiling the information in one easy-to-read spot to allow you to learn more about Epicurean Cutting Boards without visiting other webpages; I linked the information that I used if you would like to go directly to the source**


"Epicurean was born out of a company making eco-friendly municipal skate parks. The wood composite we used in our ramps is extremely durable and non-porous, but also food safe and dishwasher safe. We started using the excess material to create cutting boards as gifts for family and friends. Demand soared and we began producing and selling a variety of kitchen tools from this wood composite."  "Since 2004, Epicurean innovation, quality, functionality, durability and responsibility are all at the heart of the Epicurean brand—for 2016 and beyond."

The Product

Epicurean cutting boards are

  • Dishwasher Safe - Epicurean wood fiber products are non-porous and dishwasher safe.
  • Knife Friendly - Epicurean cutting boards are easy on your knives, so you can sharpen your knives less often.
  • Heat Resistant - Epicurean wood fiber cutting boards are heat resistant up to 350°F so you can use the surface as a trivet without blemishing the board.
  • Made in the USA - Epicurean cutting boards are exclusively manufactured in the United States of America.
  • Eco-Friendly - Epicurean prides themselves on crafting products that are not only simple, functional and long-lasting, but also environmentally responsible from start to finish. They choose materials which are both durable and eco-friendly, and they use production processes that minimize and recycle waste. Their goal is to create the highest quality products that balance performance with respect for the environment.

Care for your board

Epicurean recommends these quick and easy care tips to care for your board:

  • To clean your Epicurean cutting board, wash it with hot soapy water or simply run it through your dishwasher.
  • Your Epicurean cutting surface is a wood product (except Eco Plastic items). As with any wood product, it can warp if left in wet or damp conditions for long periods of time. To avoid warping, thoroughly dry your surface upright and on edge before storing.
  • Epicurean cutting surfaces are stain resistant, but, as with most materials, there is a possibility of staining when left in contact with highly alkaline products or foods for prolonged times. A few examples are liver, papayas, and red beets. To remove stubborn stains, try a non-abrasive household cleaner.


And the best part!  We are able to carry Epicurean's Irregular cutting boards.  These are items with minor visual imperfections that do not interfere with the use or long life of the item. Because of these cosmetic flaws the factory identifies them as “irregulars”, rather than full first quality.

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