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Wusthof Knives

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**For full disclosure, much of this blog entry is directly from Wusthof's comprehensive website.  I am just compiling the information in one easy-to-read spot to allow you to learn more about Wusthof Knives without visiting other webpages; I linked the information that I used if you would like to go directly to the source**

I would like to start this blog with a Frequently Asked Question from Wusthof's website:

What sets WÜSTHOF knives apart from other brands?

"WÜSTHOF is one of the few brands permitted to use the label “Made in Solingen” on our knives rather than the less restricted “Made in Germany.” Solingen, Germany is the steel manufacturing capital of the world and, as such, needed to take precautionary measures against fraudulent products bearing the prestigious name, “Solingen.” In 1938, Solingen became the only city in the world whose name is a registered trademark. To bear the name Solingen, all key manufacturing stages must have been processed and finished within Solingen, and the product must meet strict quality standards. This means that even cutlery manufactured entirely within Solingen’s town boundary may not be entitled to bear the name Solingen if it does not meet these required quality standards.  Some of our competitors use the label “Made in Germany,” which does not carry the same significance. We have the honor of labeling our products “Made in Solingen.”

How are WÜSTHOF Knives made?

Wusthof knives go through 38 major operations!  The following video and picture illustrate some of the process for us.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

"We have a long tradition of environmental awareness at WÜSTHOF. The interplay between economy and ecology guarantees the success and therefore future of our business. First and foremost it is about having a sustainable way of thinking and working. That's why we've built a central environmental management department to manage all of the relevant processes within our company.

The WÜSTHOF production facilities in Solingen are amongst the most modern in the world. Our production methods are continually optimized to increase our energy efficiency and use of raw materials, as well as limit wastewater contamination and reduce emissions of CO² and other gases.

The vast quantities of air and water used in production leave the plant completely uncontaminated thanks to an extensive filter system. Plus, we are currently concentrating on recovering heat from the production process and reducing noise emissions. Our commitment to sustainability is constantly being pushed further and further each day.

WÜSTHOF is recognized worldwide as a specialist in outstanding knives. While we are immensely proud of this reputation, we are also proud to produce our knives responsibly."

If you only want to buy a few knives, which ones should you choose?

Wusthof recommends three knives that they have termed "essential."  They are the following:

3.5" Paring Knife

8" Chef's Knife

8" Bread Knife

How to care for your Wusthof Knives

"We make high-quality knives, which you should be able to enjoy using for a long time.

With the right care and the right storage you can help to ensure this is the case.

Care Tips

  • It is best to clean your knives straight after you have used them.
  • Wash them in warm water using a damp cloth and dishwashing soap.
  • Dry them carefully.

A special word about dishwashers:

Technically, all WÜSTHOF knives are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher (except knives with wooden handles). However, we recommend that you do not put your knives in the dishwasher.

Why high-quality knives do not belong in the dishwasher:

  • Knives and cutlery are put in a basket. During the washing cycle, the blades can rub against one another or against other objects and this can damage them.
  • With their sharp blades, the knives can damage the plastic coating on the cutlery basket. This can lead to the formation of rust.
  • If the dishwasher is not switched on straight away, food remains (spices, sauces, juices) can damage the blades. Spots can form and the blades can even be damaged (corrosion).
  • It is important to use the correct amount of detergent and rinse aid. If you do not use the correct amounts, rust particles or localised corrosion can quickly appear. In most cases, these spots can easily be removed using a standard steel cleaning fluid."

Sharpening Your Wusthof

"WÜSTHOF knives can be honed and sharpened using a hand-held sharpener, an electric sharpener, a sharpening or honing steel, or a whetstone. We recommend using the same brand sharpener as your knife collection, to ensure that the material used is the correct hardness for the steel on your knives. Our sharpening angle for standard blades is 14 ̊ per side, and for Asian-style blades (Santokus, Nakiris, Chai Daos) is 10 ̊ per side. We offer a variety of sharpening products with pre-set angles. WÜSTHOF also offers a low-cost professional mail-in sharpening service. See below for sharpening service instructions."

Wusthof's Warranty

Wusthof knives come with a lifetime warranty.  If anything does happen to your knife and you find that you need to have your knife replaced, you can send it to Wusthof by following Wusthof's directions below.

"Warranty return address:


Attn. Returns

355 Wilson Ave.

Norwalk, CT 06854

Please wrap your knives securely in newspaper or bubble wrap and send them in a sturdy cardboard box for the safety of the package handlers. Be sure to include a note explaining what happened to the knife, and providing your name, phone number, and mailing address. Please do not send personal items with your knives that you wish to have returned – this includes blade guards, towels, and any other items used for protection. WÜSTHOF is not responsible for any loss or damage in transit to our facility, so shipping insurance is recommended, at your discretion."

To look through our Wusthof products, visit here.

We also carry Irregular Wusthof Knives, which still come with Wusthof's Warranty and can be located here.

For more informative videos made by Wusthof, go here.

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