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In-Store "As Is" Selection

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I will begin by reminding you that all of our All-Clad Irregulars have cosmetic imperfections.  So I like to say the imperfection just "affects the way it looks, not the way it cooks."  And everything comes with All-Clad's full lifetime warranty.  

Now, All-Clad does an amazing job of inspection and much of the time our customers can't even find the irregularity because it is such a small scratch or the stamp on the bottom is just a tiny bit off-center. However, All-Clad has their big whoops moments on occasion too.  Sometimes the imperfection is much more noticeable and in those cases, we prefer our customers to see the pan before they purchase it.  Due to this, in our store, we have an "as-is" section with even greater discounts.  If you live close enough, come by and check it out!!  It gets updated regularly as people buy what is there and All-Clad sends us new products, so check regularly.

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