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Most Reviewed All-Clad Products

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Whenever we get a chance, we love to thank our loyal customers.  This week, for my blog entry, I would like to highlight some of the All-Clad products that have been reviewed by our amazing customers.




All-Clad Cooper Core 4 Quart Saucepan

  1. Can't find any irregularity and will purchase more All-Clad Copper Core from this company!

    Posted by Renee on 20th Jan 2017

    Honestly, I could kick myself from not replacing my old pots sooner. I love the Copper Core line and this company. If you are ever unsure what to purchase, just give them a call. I have done it several times and they even helped me pick out my starter set of Wusthof Knives via phone and email! :)

  2. Best Purchase I Ever Made

    Posted by Tom on 22nd Mar 2016

    Like others have said, I could kick myself for waiting so long to get a premium pan that is the right tool for doing cooking right, and also could find no irregularities on this sauce pan no matter how hard I looked. The pan performs superbly and is no chore to keep clean and shiny. Also, while the pans are sturdy and substantial (as they have to be in order to do their job right), they were not overly heavy as I feared they might be.

  3. 4 qt Sauce Pan

    Posted by Carl on 1st Feb 2016

    I am an amateur cook who was looking for a good set of pans. It took me a year to decide to buy based on the price compared to anything in a retail store. Pans are better than anything I have seen! I should not have waited so long!

  4. Happy Discovery All-Clad at Cookwarenmore

    Posted by Richard on 21st Nov 2015

    My sister is transitioning to All-Clad Copper Core. She's a chef and is very happy with her first sauce pan, the 2 qt. With Christmas coming it's an easy decision to get her another piece, the 4 qt. I was happy to find this pan at a big savings. I checked the piece before wrapping and was unable to figure out why it's a factory imperfect. Great! I'm happy and my sister will be happy on Christmas day.

  5. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2015

    This is my first time ordering from this company. I was a bit nervous ordering "seconds" but based on all the great reviews I ordered 2 pots/pans. I checked out this product as I was curious if I could find a cosmetic flaw. The only thing I could really tell was the copper wasn't perfectly colored/polished as my friend's pot was when she purchased hers at full retail price. I checked the pot for any warping and none was to be found. I am thrilled to have saved money on this wonderful pot.

  6. A Sauce Pan That Doubles As A Sugar Pan

    Posted by Christopher Karas on 11th Oct 2014

    I never attempted toffee making, but this pan made it soooo easy! The pan responded to temperature adjustments immediately. I did not have to stir constantly once the sugar melted into the butter.
    The candy thermometer clipped to the side of the pan with no issues even with the rolled lip. I thought that a 4 qt. size may be a little large, but it is just perfect. Should be able to do a double batch without any worry of boil over. As far a purchasing an "irregular", the only thing I saw was a tool chatter mark less than 1/2" along the rolled rim(smooth to the touch too!). It is covered by the lid when used, and really has no influence on my satisfaction with this product. I was expecting a terrible clean up after making the toffee, but when I poured out the sugar mix, everything came away from the pan like magic due to its great heat retaining abilities. No non-stick coating required for my toffee making! Next on my radar...6 qt Saute Pan. ALL-CLAD Copper Core is Awesome.




All-Clad Stainless  6 qt. Saute Pan with Lid

  1. Great pan

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Oct 2016

    This is the same pan I fell in love with at Crate & Barrel. I am cooking with it every day since I got it and very happy with this purchase.

  2. Very Nice!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Feb 2016

    We are in the process of moving and I needed to get new pots and pans. Got rid of the ones I had for 20 years. Purchased this and several other items. Haven't used them yet but I did look closely at them and can't find any marks or blemishes. So happy I purchased these here.

  3. OMG Best Pan Ever!

    Posted by Steve on 10th Mar 2015

    This thing is perfect. Wow. So much space to work, no need to break the cooking session into multiple batches. I browned 3 pounds of italian sausage and mushrooms, emptied the pan, deglazed, browned onions and peppers, emptied the pan, deglazed, browned ham, salami, sopressata and onions, and cleaned the pan right on the oven with some hot water and soap. Everything browned evenly. The food created just the right amount of fond, and cleaning was a snap.

    I was originally nervous that this pan would be TOO big, but it's already my go-to pan. Life is simpler with fewer pans. Get the right ones and simplify your life.

  4. Quality and great value

    Posted by Ed Farnham on 28th Apr 2014

    Customer service was excellent and friendly. Shipping was prompt as promised and the product's "irregularity" to me and my wife's eyes was undetectable and certainly insignificant. If you enjoy cooking, All-Clad is the best and and Cookware & More is the best place to purchase.




All-Clad d5 Brushed Stainless 12 Quart Stock Pot with Lid

  1. Great company/great pot

    Posted by Paul Koerschgen on 8th Mar 2016

    Well I recd. the 12 qt. D5 pot today, and I checked it over real good for irregulars of any kind. Couldn't find any. This pot is beautiful, just like my other D5 pots and pans, which I paid regular prices. You can't beat All-Clad D5 items for cooking. The quality is the best, and made in the USA. The wife loves them, and being Italian, she does a lot of cooking, and knows a great pot or pan when she see's and uses one. The price for this one was very fair, and with the 20% more discount, it was even better. Thank you Cookware & More.

  2. irregular???

    Posted by K on 3rd Mar 2016

    Just received, so haven't used yet. Looked at it carefully, it looks just like d5 pieces I have purchased from WS at higher "sale" retail price. Could not find an irregularity. Think I will use from now on, especially love the promo price!

  3. Worth the discount

    Posted by Steven Smith on 11th Mar 2015

    I'd toyed with the idea of buying seconds/irregular All-Clad for a while.
    I in the mean time bought first quality at full retail. And now bought two irregulars from Cookware and More. The quality is excellent. I can barely see what the 'damage' is now, and in a year from now I will certainly not care. The pot itself is a great size for curries, soups, stock etc. for a family of 6. As I'm not using it for a stock pot per se, I opted for the 5 core and not the traditional 3-layers. All good!




Thank you again to our amazing customers who take the time out of their busy days to review our customers.  And please, any customers who have an extra moment, write a review for the products that you have bought. :)

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