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Tips for First-Time All-Clad Users

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These days, we hear many people saying that they are nervous to cook in anything but a non-stick pan.  However, with a pan made of 18/10 Stainless Steel, like All-Clad, you don't need non-stick!  18/10 Stainless Steel is high-quality, durable steel that is highly resistant to stains, rust, and corrosion while it maintains a bright, attractive shine.  This means that it carries a high level of non-stick in the steel.  According to All-Clad, you should only need non-stick to cook eggs.

For those of you who are cooking with All-Clad for the first time, we came up with a few tips to help you transition:


Turn down your heat!   All-Clad's 18/10 Stainless Steel and Aluminum Core is much more efficient than most other cookware.  You won't need to use the higher temperatures on your heat dial most of the time.  In my video, you can see that I cook most of my food on 4 on my stove dial.  I really only ever go higher than 4 when I want to boil water.

Be Patient

Heat the pan to temperature before you put the food in.  While you are heating your pan, you can add your fat (butter or oil), but don't add the food until your pan has heated.  When you put the food into your pan, give it a little time.  The food might stick for a moment, but then your food will create a sear and release itself from the pan.  You just need to be patient.


90% of the time, simply using a non-abrasive sponge to clean your pan with soap and water is all you will need.  However, if you are not patient or if you heat your pan too hot, you can get a little stuck-on food or a "rainbow" in your pan, but don't worry... All you need in those cases is a little Bar Keeper's Friend.  You can either mix it with a little water to create a paste and rub it on your pan, or you can allow your pan to soak in water that you have sprinkled Bar Keeper's Friend into for an hour or so.  Afterwards, your pan will usually look as good as new!  

Bar Keeper's Friend

*Just remember, no "abrasive" cleaners and no Brillo Pads; you won't need them!

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