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Swiss Diamond Cast Iron


Enameled Cast Iron is an enameled cast iron range that has been designed and developed by Swiss Diamond. The cast iron body has excellent heat conductivity and retention. The high-quality enamel offers improved resistance to thermal shocks and scratches. Favored by home and professional chefs alike, the enamel has anti-adhesive properties, allowing for a more thorough cleaning process and eliminating the need for preseasoning. Enhance your table setting with this exquisite line.

Prestige Clad - Nonstick Stainless


Enameled Cast Iron by Swiss Diamond is held to the high standards of the Swiss Diamond cookware that you know and love. With careful design and manufacturing, this durable line of cast iron products will exceed your expectations. This exquisite line will cook and reheat your delicious meals with even heat distribution on any cooktop or in the oven.

Starting with two colors and quickly adding a third, Swiss Diamond Enameled Cast Iron will quickly become not only your favorite cast iron cookware, but the favorite centerpiece for your kitchen as well.  Saphir Bleu (Blue), and Rubis Rouge (Red) are available and shipping now.

Three Beautiful Colors

Blue Cast IronRed Cast Iron


  • PFOA Free, PTFE Free, CA65 and LFGB Certified for Lead and Cadmium
  • Exceptional thermal conductivity from base to rim
  • Moisture Return System with “rainforest effect”
  • Cast Stainless Knobs
  • Large handles for use with an oven mitt
  • High Quality Enamel Finish
  • High Chip Resistance
  • High Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Cook Top to Oven Versatility
  • The Cast Iron Body has excellent heat conductivity and retention.
  • The high-quality enamel offers improved resistance to thermal shocks and scratches. Favored by amateurs and professional chefs alike, the enamel has anti-adhesive properties and requires no seasoning before cooking.
  • All Swiss Diamond Cast Iron is save from stovetop to the oven.  Save in any oven up to 500°F (260°C)


Enameled Cast Iron that has a vitreous enamel glaze:

  • Prevents rusting
  • Eliminates the need to season the metal
  • Allows for more thorough cleaning
  • Pigments used in the enameling process can produce vibrant colors. Enameled Cast Iron utilizes vibrant colors on the exterior of our collection, whereas the interior is enameled with a black vitreous

Enamel Coating

Enameling is a process to apply a vitreous gaze to the exterior and interior of the bare cast iron. It is applied to seal the bare cast iron to eliminate the need for seasoning. The enamel also has quite good food release properties making the product easy to clean and care for. Enameled Cast Iron utilizes High Quality Enameling thus the end product is of extremely high quality and will have excellent chip resistance and thermal shock properties. During independent comparative testing against that of a leading competitor, we found that 4 out of 5 tests resulted in Swiss Diamond surpassing their quality levels.


Swiss Diamond uses Machine Casting for consistency in shape and higher quality results

  • Consistent shape and lid fitting every time
  • Fully automatic system requiring only one user
  • Molding sand consumption can be minimized due to variable mold thickness that can be adjusted to the necessary minimum
  • Molds can be completed in 6.5 seconds

Lids produce a “rainforest effect”

The Enameled Cast Iron Lids are produced with a moisture retention system. The nodules on the underside of each lid collect moisture and return it to the meal during the cooking process. The valley in the lid also ensures that the moisture is returned down the side walls thus reducing the possibility of food sticking to the sides and base. Adding ice into the valley of the lid increases the rainforest effect inside because of the vast temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the lid.


Rainforest Efect Lid

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